Weather monitoring platform 

Data visualization display
Dynamic switching, zoom
PC, PAD, Mobile phone consistent experience
Any where,any time.

Weather monitoring station

On-site real-time monitoring of temperature, rainfall, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, solar radiation and other parameters, with intelligent data collectors, to achieve the collection, processing and transmission of environmental parameters in the monitoring range of meteorological monitoring stations.

On-site monitoring center

Using 485, 232, network cable and other wired methods and on-site monitoring computers, users can query and analyze the real-time and historical parameter data of the agricultural production environment in the monitoring scope locally.

Remote monitoring center

Through the GPRS remote access point to receive the data information gathered by the wireless control terminal, the user can remotely query the weather environment information through the mobile phone, PAD, computer and other information terminals, and at the same time can analyze and process the data.